Connect With Our Staff


Angie Bishop, FBO Manager

After 17 years as a FEDEX Ramp Agent/Courier, Angie made Lakeland her new airport home on August 1, 2016. As the new manager, she looks forward to providing superior service to our Lakeland Aviation customers, both our long term customers and those future one's we have yet to meet. Please stop by to say hello!

Tim Ashe, Flight & Maintenance Department Manager.

Tim's career in aviation began in 1967, when he became active in flight operations and aircraft maintenance for the United States Military. Currently serving as Manager of Lakeland Aviation's Flight and Maintenance Departments, Tim is certified as an Aircraft & Powerplant Mechanic and holds an FAA Aircraft Inspector Authorization.

As an FAA Certified Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot, as well as having a Certified Instrument Flight instructor Rating, Tim has logged over 18,000 hours of flying time in numerous aircraft during his flying career. In his roles for Lakeland Aviation, Tim's vast experience in aviation ensures that our Flight and Maintenance Departments operate under the strictest guidelines, providing our customers with the safest mode of air transportation possible.

Mike Tamburrino, FAA Certified Flight Instructor; A&P Mechanic

Whether needing to have routine maintenance and periodic inspections done on your airplane or if you are seeking to receive primary through advanced flight instruction, Mike serves our customers well in his roles of Aircraft & Powerplant Mechanic and as an FAA Certified Flight Instructor.

Being a 15 year employee of Lakeland Aviation, Mike has worked on hundreds of locally based and transient aircraft as well as personally endorsed dozens of students for their check rides, from their Private through Commercial Pilot Certification. Feel free to contact us or Mike personally for any additional information that you may need.

Dennis Strong, Line Service Technician

Joining the Lakeland Aviation flight line support staff during the summer of 2016, Dennis has over 37 years flying experience, holding his private pilot certificate with an instrument rating, and owns a Piper Cherokee.

His support of Lakeland operations is enhanced by both his flight experience and former transportation career with the military. He's enjoying working directly with our customers in our daily flight operations now after retiring from his transportation career in 2015.